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Guaranteed Lifetime Income

A Guaranteed Lifetime Income Rider ia an optional living benefit that can be added to your annuity policy at issue. The Rider allows you to take lifetime payments from your annuity in the form of a Guaranteed Withdrawal Payment. The minimum issueage for the Guaranteed Lifetime Income Rider is age 40. As the Annuitant, you may begin taking payments when:

1. The Policy has been in force for at least one year,
2. You are least age 60 and
3. All Policy loans, if any, have been repaid.

Income for Life - You have the right to have guaranteed income for the rest of your life...income you cannot outlive.

Controll and Access - You decide when and how much retirement income you receive. You continue to have controll of your money and access through free partial, systematic and lump-sum withdrawals.

It's Your Money - At death the remaiming Accumulation Value of your Policy will be paid to your named beneficiaries.

The ConceptWhat is a "Fixed Indexed Annuity"It's an Investment OptionPlan Sponsor InformationIssue and Legislative BriefAbout UsStrategic PartnersFor More Information